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Teach Math with CREATIVITY
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Parts of a Circle Doodle Notes
Parts of a Circle Doodle Notes
Parts of a Circle Doodle Notes
Parts of a Circle Doodle Notes
Parts of a Circle Doodle Notes

Parts of a Circle Doodle Notes

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Parts of a Circle: "doodle notes" -

by Math Giraffe:


When students color or doodle in math class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. There are proven benefits of this cross-lateral brain activity:

- new learning

- relaxation (less math anxiety)

- visual connections

- better memory & retention of the content!


Students fill in the sheets, answer the questions, and color, doodle or embellish. Then, they can use it as a study guide later on.


Content includes:

- definitions

- visual representation of parts of a circle

- formulas for circumference and area


Check out the preview images for more detail about this item and the research behind it.

Visual note taking strategies like sketch notes or doodle notes are based on dual coding theory.  When we can blend the text input with graphic/visual input, the student brain processes the information differently and can more easily convert the new learning into long-term memory.


This strategy also integrates the left and right hemispheres of the brain to increase focus, learning, and retention!

1 page is included, plus an answer key, sample, and info.


Reviews from other teachers:

-Used as a study guide for my daughter in Geometry! She is filling in the notes as a way to review the topics taught throughout the year!

-This is such an awesome activity. I used it to supplement my lesson and students loved it. We had a great discussion while going over the vocabulary and concepts. It is a great teaching tool as well. Thank you

-Who doesn't love a doodle note? I have many students that love to draw and color and this was a great way to incorporate that into my lessons without them getting in trouble for not working on their math!

-I used this after reading about the benefits of doodling during class. I had a small class of 7th graders that were struggling and I tried it with them. They loved the activity. It really helped them to get a summary of that lesson.

-Love Doodle notes both for review topics and for new to help organize information in a multi-engaging of the brain way. I used these for review for high school standards with surface area and volume.

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