Teach Math with CREATIVITY
Teach Math with CREATIVITY
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Math Giraffe: Teach with CREATIVITY!

These are some common questions, but please email brigid@mathgiraffe.com if you have additional questions or need help.


How does my purchase work?

You'll add everything you'd like to your cart, and then when you check out and make your payment, you'll receive links to download each of the files. The file will download directly to your computer, and you can save it and print it for your students. The links to those direct file downloads will show up on your screen right after your payment goes through, but they will also be emailed to you to access later. This way, you always have your own copy that you can open, save, and print for your students. (If you'd like to test it out, you can start by getting the "free exponents doodle notes" first to see how the file delivery and download process works.)


What can I do with the files I buy?

Your purchase is a single teacher license. This means that you can display, print, and distribute the materials in the files with your own students, year after year. The license entitles you to use it in your classroom / home for those that you are teaching directly. However, these files are copyrighted, and you cannot share or distribute them online, post them on a class website (unless it is password protected for only your current students to access), or share them with any other teachers. If another educator would like to use the same resource, they would need to get their own license by purchasing the file themselves. 


Can I use a school purchase order?

Yes, absolutely. You can use a PO for any orders over $20. Just email brigid@mathgiraffe.com to set that up. We can provide a quote, process your school's purchase orders, provide an invoice, or help you out with your purchasing needs.


I don't see the downloads I just bought. How can I access them?

The files will come to your inbox, so don't worry if you clicked away from the page that allows for direct download immediately after checking out. Just head to your email inbox. Make sure it is the same email address that you entered at the checkout to make your purchase. If you still don't see them there, check your spam/promotions folder in your inbox, in case they got rerouted there. Worst case, email me with a copy of your receipt attached at brigid@mathgiraffe.com and I won't leave you hanging. ;)


I want the full doodle note books, but only for one student at home, so I hate to pay the full price for a teacher license. Is this an option?

Yes! I have published paperbacks that you can order and have shipped to you for single students. The price is lower, but they may not be copied and are only legally licensed for one user. If a teacher wants to order the paperback version as a class set, that is a great way to take advantage of this option as well, but you'd need to order copies for each student. You can find more details about those books at mathgiraffe.com or place orders for them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble website, or order through your favorite bookstore.


Are the files editable?

No, unless it's specified in the description that a file can be edited (like certain editable templates), assume it is not able to be changed. Due to copyright restrictions as well as terms of use for the images and fonts, most of the files are protected and cannot be edited. 


Where can I learn more about the teaching methods and get more information?

I have a lot of support available over at mathgiraffe.com if you'd like to explore teaching math creatively. I also have a website specifically for the doodle note method at doodlenotes.org that can help you get started in your own classroom quickly and easily (for all grade levels and subject areas).