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adding and subtracting Integers four  in a row game
adding and subtracting Integers four in a row game
adding and subtracting Integers four in a row game
adding and subtracting Integers four in a row game
adding and subtracting Integers four in a row game

Adding and Subtracting Integers Four-In-A-Row Game

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The unique thing about this game is that students get to CHOOSE whether to mark off the classification by sides or by angles on each card, so they can use strategy for what is most beneficial to mark off on their card to try to win, and they get extra practice at the same time. They will be motivated to figure out both, increasing their familiarity with triangle classification.

This game is great practice for classifying different types of triangles in middle school geometry. Students play in small groups and take turns.


After drawing a card that shows either a diagram of a triangle or a set of written measurements for a triangle, the student has a choice whether to cross off the term for classifying the triangle by angles OR classify it by sides on the grid-style game board sheet. Four spaces marked off in a row results in a win!


Students can use strategy with their choices, but must state the classification aloud for other players to verify.


Reviews from other teachers:

This activity made the students have to think about how to set up their problems to get the answer they want. The students really enjoyed this activity!

- My students enjoyed the game. I like the critical thinking aspect of the game, being able to decide which combination would be best

- What a fun idea for practicing integers. I love the critical thinking aspect in the decision making 'to add or subtract'. Thanks for a creative activity that can be played several times without repeating the same game. Kids will love it!

- One of the most fun games I've had with integers! THANKY YOU! It really helped with automaticity.

- Perfect activity for adding and subtracting integers. A topic that students tend to worry about became so much more fun and engaging because of this game. Thanks for providing such superb resources!
- Used this game as a station for review before a test. The students loved it!
- Great activity to get the students thinking logically while practicing skills.
I think all of your resources are excellent. This looks like it will be fun, and very good practice for the kids. Thank you.
- This was a fun game that was easy to implement. It's a great addition to my integer operations unit.
Great resource! Students had fun playing this game! It was easy to prepare. I will be using this every year.

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