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Teach Math with CREATIVITY
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Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle
Algebra 1 Super Bundle

Algebra 1 Super Bundle

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This enormous discounted bundle is packed with activities for equations, inequalities, systems, functions, polynomials, graphing, critical thinking, and more! 

The wide variety of activities, note sheets, games, puzzles, and lessons will offer your Algebra 1 students plenty of unique and creative options to make math class engaging all throughout their Algebra coursework.

Resources Included:

Writing Equations - "Pass It On" Activity

Discovering Laws of Exponents: Inquiry Activity

Laws of Exponents Bundle

Differentiated Map Activities

MATCH - Solving Inequalities Puzzle

Slope Infographic

Slope Card Sort

Graphing Linear Equations: Project-Based Tasks

Slope-Intercept Form Inquiry Activity

MATCH - Slope-Intercept Form Puzzle

Task Cards: Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Linear Equations Practice Activities

Linear Equations: Always, Sometimes, or Never

Slope & Linear Equations: "Choose Your Own Journey" Book

Four-In-A-Row Game: Slope-Intercept Form

Coordinate PLANES: Paper Airplanes from Graphing Linear Equations

Functions Infographic

Polynomials: Always, Sometimes, or Never

Factoring Polynomials "GridWords" : FULL SET

Treasure Hunt: Linear Equations

Systems of Equations: Project-Based Tasks

Systems of Equations Infographic

Systems of Equations: "Choose Your Own Journey" book

Distributive Property Doodle Notes

Evaluating Expressions - Punch Pattern Activity

Linear Systems Card Sort

Conquest Game - Algebra Set 1 - Solving Equations

Conquest Game - Algebra Set 2 - Solving Inequalities

Conquest - Algebra Set 3 - Slope & Linear Equations

Discriminant Card Sort

Parallel, Perpendicular, or Neither Card Sort

Exponent Rules War Game

Quadratic Equations: Always, Sometimes, or Never

Simplifying Rational Expressions

Linear Equations Football Game

Slope Doodle Notes

Functions Doodle Notes

Multiplying Binomials & Factoring Trinomials "Pass It On" Game

Slope-Intercept Form Pass It On

Multiplying Polynomials Golf Game

Combining Like Terms Doodle Notes

Quadratic Formula Doodle Notes

Evaluating Functions & Composition of Functions - Punch Pattern Activities

Piecewise Functions Doodle Notes

Thanksgiving Equations

Combining Like Terms Puzzles

Slope-Intercept Form Doodle Notes

Point-Slope Form Doodle Notes

Christmas Equations

Standard Form Doodle Notes

Valentine Equations

St. Patrick's Day Equations

Algebra 1 Vocabul-oggle

Solving Multi-Step Equations Reference Guide

Linear Equations Doodle Notes

Systems of Equations Doodle Notes

Easter Equations

Roots & Powers: Always, Sometimes, Never Activity

Polynomials Doodle Notes


What other teachers are saying about this bundle:

I bought the bundle primarily for the doodle notes, but I have come to really enjoy all of it. I am excited to use the doodle notes as the cover page for each of our sections in our notebook. I really do think it helps to keep the students engaged in the math classroom and listening to the topics we cover.

I LOVE THIS SELLER! i have three bundles and use them all quite often. I wish I could just buy everything she has ever made.

- I'm quickly falling in love with the products from this store. This engaging, accessible (and neuroeducationally sound) approach to providing solid content that targets necessary math skills & concepts is perfect for my easily distracted, classic inattentive ADHD kiddo.

- I was a bit nervous about teaching Algebra again after so many years and was on the hunt for a product that would make learning Algebra fun. These activities are engaging and so well put together. After purchasing other products from her, I knew I had to give these a try and I am so glad I did. Such a relief to cover these topics with engaging materials such as these. Thanks

My student with a severe disability in math and with autism was so successful with the pre-algebra bundle last year that I couldn't wait to use the algebra I bundle with him this year. This is exactly the way he learns and he is finally successful in math. Can't recommend this enough.

- These notes allow me to run a flipped classroom model while running a virtual learning model. My students watch my video of the lesson in the evening and the next day we do the Doodle Notes together to summarize the video. The students are engaged (even my struggling learners), they like the colors and the ability to make it their own!

This is extremely helpful. It engages the students and helps so much with retention, especially with my students who have ADHD.

These are very challenging resources and my kids enjoy doing them! A win-win!

- I'm a mom/teacher with one homeschooled 9th grader (Algebra 1) and a public school 11th grader, the later is a reluctant math student, but a creative artist! I've used a few of the doodles to help reinforced concepts and a couple of the reference pages, with my homeschooler. She reports that the visuals help her remember. I plan to integrate them throughout the year. Hoping to use them with my 11th grader when she needs to review her basic Algebra skills while doing Geometry this year.

- My students loved using this resource for taking notes. It used to be difficult for them to come to class prepared with pencils and pens, but now they bring all the colored pencils and markers for Doodle notes. It's a great tool to reinforce vocabulary and new ideas! Thank you Math Giraffe!

- This is one of two packs I recently bought, and I couldn't be happier looking through all of the materials I got with the bundles. After the first time using the doodle notes, my students were definitely more engaged, less chatty with each other, and generally more excited about the lesson. I'm so excited to use more of the activities!

- All of the Math Giraffe resources are amazing. I finally decided to invest in the bundle. I know it will be so worth it!

- As always, both incredibly useful and more engaging than could reasonably be expected. If you can - buy these!

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