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Algebra equation puzzles skill-building
Christmas Algebra equation puzzles
Algebra equation puzzles
Easter Algebra equation puzzles
easter Algebra equation puzzles
St. Patrick's Day Algebra equation puzzles
Halloween Algebra equation puzzles
St. Patrick's Day Algebra equation puzzles
differentiation Algebra equation puzzles
Thanksgiving Algebra equation puzzles
Valentine Algebra equation puzzles
Halloween Algebra equation puzzles
Algebra equation puzzles

Algebra Equation Puzzles

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This set of challenge equation puzzles offers a fun approach to building problem-solving and algebra skills. 


You can also use these when teaching substitution or the transitive property. They are designed to help students build skills needed for solving systems of equations, even if they have never heard of systems before! They will be using substitution and the transitive property mentally, whether they know it or not.


3 difficulty levels are included. Use the different levels for easy differentiation or for building upon the skills and increasing the challenge level as you go:

- basic (easy) cards that can be used before or during middle school grades for critical thinking

- medium level cards that are perfect for middle school or high school students

- difficult cards that offer a challenge, even for high schoolers


7 themed sets are included:

- Halloween (8 cards)

- Thanksgiving (12 cards)

- Christmas (12 cards)

- Valentine's Day (12 cards)

- St. Patrick's Day (12 cards)

- Easter (12 cards)

- Non-Seasonal Pictures (12 cards)


The equations include religious and non-religious holiday and seasonal images!


Try one as a warm-up each day, or use the full set in one day to celebrate each holiday season!


Reviews from other teachers:

I really LOVE these puzzles/equations. My students enjoy them too. I appreciate the different levels of difficulty as it gives every student a feeling of success and challenge.

- This activity got my most reluctant pre-algebra students to discuss "unknowns" and work backwards to figure them out. The level of math justification in their discussions was AWESOME!

- This was a great activity for right before school got out for the holidays. In addition to solving, I had the students create equations, and they enjoyed the challenge.

I love that I can differentiate the equations for all levels of learners.

My students really enjoyed these challenging puzzles. My higher students were able to figure out even the hardest level.

- I like to use this resource for early finishers. They enjoy the game-like puzzles. Great conversations arise from this activity.

- This is such a fun way to introduce equations unit or just use as a warm-up to get their brains working for math class that day. I use this every year!

- I used this before spring break. It was the perfect activity to add to my choices for the day. They really enjoyed trying to figure out the answers. It turned into a competition to see who could solve all of them.

This was such a fun, engaging way to practice equations. I used it with a student I tutor, and she really enjoyed the activity. Thanks!

My students loved these puzzles. They were really engaged and these picture equations spurred on good math discussions between the students. Some of my classes asked for more to solve during their study hall.

- These activities are my favorite! You never disappoint!

I handed these out to all of my students to work on during our district testing. After testing concluded, we went over different ways in which students chose to solve them. Some replaced pictures with letters and handled them as systems of equations, others used substitution, some guess and check. It was awesome seeing how out-of-the-box some chose to look at them. A great resource for any level, any disability, etc.

Very engaging. Some students liked that this was different than a solving equations worksheet. The skills are the same, but it was novel to them.

Brain breaks, early finishers and challenges. Love these and my students really have fun working individually or as groups to tackle these great puzzles.

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