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Discriminant Card Sort (for Quadratic Equations)
Discriminant Card Sort (for Quadratic Equations)
Discriminant Card Sort (for Quadratic Equations)
Discriminant Card Sort (for Quadratic Equations)
Discriminant Card Sort (for Quadratic Equations)
Discriminant Card Sort (for Quadratic Equations)

Discriminant Card Sort (for Quadratic Equations)

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Discriminants & Roots of Quadratic Equations - Practice / Review:

This sorting activity helps your students practice finding and interpreting the discriminant of a quadratic equation.

The 40 cards contain a mix of graphs, word phrases, and equations so students get a variety of practice and have to use multiple skills and concepts.

Here is what's included:
- 3 quick- fold pockets to hold sorted cards
- 30 basic cards (mix of graphs, word phrases, and equations)
- 10 optional add-on cards with equations that are not already set equal to zero
- 3 "answer cards" that list which cards should be in each pocket
- optional "sorting mat" to offer an alternative format (great for group work or learning stations)

Students will cut out and sort the cards into the correct pocket (one real root, two real roots, or no real roots). The pockets fit well on an interactive notebook page.

Then, hand out the answer/check cards. After students have verified that their cards were sorted correctly, the answer cards can be tucked into the back of each pocket. Students can re-do the activity as a review at any time.


Reviews from other teachers:

- This is a great activity to use after teaching students about zeros/solutions/discriminant. I love that it has different representations and it challenged my students to think about the problems in different ways. Excellent resource!

My students really enjoyed this card sort.

Completely satisfied.

This resource is easily adapted - for example we had not done graphs yet but I was able to use it and just take those cards out.

- Students loved this activity. It was engaging for students working in pairs.

I used this activity as a whole class. I showed students one of the cards on the screen and they had whiteboards where they wrote their answer. This allowed quick and easy feedback!

- A great assessment for student understanding of discriminant.

I had my students just glue the cards to the correct solution's mat in their notebook.

- Exactly what I was looking for! Very thorough review over discriminant. It contains graphs, equations, statements, ... Perfect!!

- I try to get my students to figure the discriminant first to know what they are looking for. This is a great and fun resource...thanks!

- It was an excellent review for more clarification on the topic.

- Great resource to practice this topic. Students need practice to remember how to use the discriminant.

We used this activity and was able to level it to our students! Great activity!

- Attractive, well-organized, and really helps students connect the 3 cases to the algebra.

Great product! Easy to build and kept the students engaged. There were many problems with different levels, so all students' needs could be met. This is a keeper!

- Good activity to drive home meaning of discriminant.

I loved this activity and so did my students. Card sorts are so much fun and really help students SEE the difference!

- I really liked the variety of graphs, written descriptions, and equations. Great review activity!

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