Teach Math with CREATIVITY
Teach Math with CREATIVITY
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Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack Math Giraffe
Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack science
Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack ela
Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack
Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack science
Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack
Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack
Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack
Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack
Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack
 Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack simple visual note taking
Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack
Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack

Doodle Note Templates Starter Pack

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Doodle Note Templates can be used for any topic, subject, or lesson. This set includes 30 different pages with editable text, plus 10 no-prep pages to print instantly for student-created visual notes.


Just edit the text boxes to fit your lesson material, add your own extra text boxes as needed, and / or delete some to customize your blend of teacher input and space for student input!


Insert your content, topics, and subtopics to customize each template to fit one or more of your own lessons.


When students color or doodle in math class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. There are proven benefits of this cross-lateral brain activity:

- new learning

- relaxation (less math anxiety)

- visual connections

- better memory & retention of the content!


Visual note-taking is brain-based and allows concepts to be converted to long-term memory as solid, retained learning! Students are focused and engaged, and are able to learn in the way that their brains best process new information (by blending auditory / text input with visual input).


How to Use:

Select a template that will work well for a particular lesson's content. Just quickly edit the text boxes, choosing your own favorite fonts. Delete text or add additional text or images if you wish. Then print the page. Students will then fill in the interactive note sheets, answer any questions / examples, and color, doodle or embellish as they take notes during the class period. Then, they can use it as a study guide later on.


These also make great classroom posters or projects. They're very versatile!


This set is for personal use and use in your own classroom only. No part of this set, even when edited, may be used commercially.


Due to copyright restrictions on graphics, the images are all embedded as background. Only the text is editable.


*Doodle Note Club members: Do not purchase - these templates are already available to you within the club as part of your subscription along with the other templates. (Not a member yet? Join up at doodlenoteclub.com)


Please see the preview images to see all 30 included templates and some samples of how to use them.



Reviews from other teachers:

I didn't know I needed Doodle Notes in my life! Once I discovered the ease of creating interesting visuals for note taking, I have edited numerous assignments. My students love the creativity and clarity of the Doodle Notes when reading articles/assignments. Thank you!

- I tried doodle notes as a different way to help my students take notes, and they were definitely more engages. I highly recommend these, especially since they are adaptable! Adapting them was easier than I expected, too.

- I have pretty much bought all the doodle notes and so I needed to start making my own because my students wanted them for every topic! My students love them and keep asking for these only type of notes. It has been fun creating my own from my old boring notes.

- I have been converting all my notes into Doodle notes. I use these templates to help me format the notes so I don't have to worry about the format! Super easy to use with Google Slides.

- So much fun turning my plan notes into doodle notes. I have found my students are so more engaged with the doodle notes. very easy to use and create pages. Love it.

- I love these templates. They are so simple to use. I have created over 100 doodle notes based on the designs you have provided. Thank you!!!

- The doodle note templates are so incredibly helpful! I love incorporating doodle notes into lessons as much as I can, but I didn't have the budget to purchase all of the notes from this creator (I wish I could, their stuff is AMAZING!!) So having this bundle allows me to use the amazing graphics and note formats from MathGiraffe, but edit my own content! I will continue using these for sure.

- We regularly use doodle notes from this seller in class. They are an engaging way to present the material and then have a visual reference for them to use throughout the unit.

- Several students are really getting into the doodle notes, these are helping them expand their thinking in directions that surprise them!

- Love this resource. Thanks so much for creating these doodle notes. My students are so engaged and learning so much in using them for taking notes.

- I am just beginning to explore doodle notes and I am enjoying using some of the templates. I like the pre done templates with the ability to add your own information. I would like to be able to use the images to make my own pages as well, however, there is a large variety to choose from in this package. Thanks for the great templates.

- I love Doodle Notes- my students are getting better at creating their own notes using your templates. It gives them the confidence to branch out and organize their notes in a new and more personal way.

- This is an awesome resource! It helped with all of the learning styles in the classroom! Plus it was a fun and different way of learning for the students. Highly recommend.

- Students love doodling and being creative. This resource is something with lower level students as well as my high achievers.

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