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Teach Math with CREATIVITY
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Fractions Doodle Notes
simplifying Fractions Doodle Notes
Fractions Doodle Notes
Fractions Doodle Notes
pre-algebra doodle note book
benefits of visual note-taking
benefits of visual note-taking
benefits of visual note-taking
benefits of visual note-taking
benefits of visual note-taking
benefits of visual note-taking
benefits of visual note-taking
benefits of visual note-taking
benefits of visual note-taking

Fractions Doodle Notes

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Simplest Form, Equivalent Fractions, Comparing & Ordering Fractions:

visual "doodle notes" with interactive tasks for building stronger retention of basic fraction concepts


Boost your students' focus and memory! The blend of graphic and linguistic input in these guided visual notes helps students' brains to convert the information to long-term memory more easily.

When students color or doodle in math class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. There are proven benefits of this cross-lateral brain activity:
- new learning
- relaxation (less math anxiety)
- visual connections
- better memory & retention of the content!

Students fill in the sheets, answer the questions, and color, doodle or embellish. Then, they can use it as a study guide later on.

Content includes:
- What is a fraction?
- Writing a fraction in simplest form using GCF
- Equivalent Fractions
- Models for Equivalent Fractions
- Finding a Common Denominator
- LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) for comparing & ordering
- Models for comparing fractions
- Practice & Examples

Check out the preview images for more detail about this item and the research behind it.

Visual note-taking strategies like sketch notes or doodle notes are based on dual coding theory.  When we can blend the text input with graphic/visual input, the student brain processes the information differently and can more easily convert the new learning into long-term memory.

This strategy also integrates the left and right hemispheres of the brain to increase focus, learning, and retention!

1 page is included, plus an answer key, sample, and info.


Reviews from other teachers:

-We used this as a "review" and added it to our math journals. Fun to use & students enjoyed adding color when we finished.

-Big hit in my classroom! Students loved following along with the notes and personalizing them! Memorable lesson for them for sure! Thank you!

-My 5th grade students love doodle notes! This is a great review of fractions which we completed as a guided activity. Students then placed these in their interactive notebooks for future reference.

-I used these notes as a review for my 9th graders. Fractions always seem to be difficult for students to remember how they work. I like the doodle notes way of doing notes. Students don't feel rushed to write every word on a Power Point.

-My students love taking notes on these sheets - easy to use, easy to align with our standards, and they make a great reference in their math notebooks. My doodlers also enjoy going back later to color in the "doodles" when they finish a problem early, etc. so it also helps with classroom management!

-Each year my class makes an interactive notebook. These are great pages to work on then glue into our book. I had 7th graders come this year to tell me that was the only notebook they held on to and have referred back to it this fall as a refresher

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