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Teach Math with CREATIVITY
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Free "Engage Your Brain" Doodle Notes
Free "Engage Your Brain" Doodle Notes
Free "Engage Your Brain" Doodle Notes
Free "Engage Your Brain" Doodle Notes
Free "Engage Your Brain" Doodle Notes
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Free "Engage Your Brain" Doodle Notes

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It's a doodle note page ABOUT using doodling and coloring in class!


When students color or doodle in class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. There are proven benefits of this cross-lateral brain activity:

- new learning

- relaxation (less math anxiety)

- visual connections

- better memory & retention of the content!


This page is a perfect way to introduce your class to a new strategy and show them how their brain works! They can learn a little about the way the brain reacts when you integrate the left and the right hemispheres.


Students will discover the benefits of this and give concrete examples of activities they do daily that are associated with each hemisphere. Then, they can practice combining these to cross the corpus callosum and activate their brain for learning! Later, they'll notice that extra focus and increased retention kicking in once they try it!


This page is great for a wide range of grade levels.

2 pages are included, plus samples, answer keys, and info.


Reviews from other teachers:

-My students really enjoy using doodle notes. This was a perfect addition to those we use in science class. We do a lot with our classes on brain science and visual learning at my school and this was a thorough and informative visual representation of the information we discuss regularly. Thanks for a great resource!

-My high school students enjoyed learning a different way to take notes. I like how easy these are for me to use. No prep. Easy to start right away. Great resource! I'd buy all of these if you made them for my subjects because they are fantastic!

-Interesting topic for students to think about how their brains work and what other techniques they can do to get the most out of their learning. Thank you for putting this all together and making it easy to walk it through with the students.

-I used this to lead a PD at work on Doodle Notes for teachers & it was so helpful!

-Our team decided that we had to have a much-needed change in our Science Department with coming back from the "COVID years" when our Grade 8 learners didn't understand how to take notes and these were the ticket!