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Teach Math with CREATIVITY
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FREE Exponents Doodle Notes
FREE Exponents Doodle Notes
FREE Exponents Doodle Notes
FREE Exponents Doodle Notes
FREE Exponents Doodle Notes
FREE Exponents Doodle Notes
FREE Exponents Doodle Notes
FREE Exponents Doodle Notes

FREE Exponents Doodle Notes

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Exponents (a basic introduction) "doodle notes" -


When students color or doodle in math class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. There are proven benefits of this cross-lateral brain activity:

- new learning

- relaxation (less math anxiety)

- visual connections

- better memory & retention of the content!


Students fill in the sheet, answer the questions, and color, doodle or embellish. Then, they can use it as a study guide later on.


Content includes:

- base and exponent

- exponents as repeated multiplication

- how to simplify an expression with an exponent (with practice problems)

- dealing with exponents with a negative base (This part is just a small strip at the bottom that you can cut off if your class does not cover negative numbers.)

- the power of an exponent

- intro to exponential functions for students who are ready

- zero power

- real-world example

- practice


Check out the preview images for more detail about this item and the research behind it.


2 pages are included, plus answer keys, samples, and info.



Reviews from other teachers:

-notes and practice to have in math journal. Students enjoyed the doodles. Students placed it in their notebook and are referring back to it as needed

-I love the way this concept is presented and taught with thought provoking questions and examples. It makes exponents make more sense to my students (as an extension lesson).

-My students were given these sheets to add to their summer review notebooks. They loved the graphics and took the time to color their sheets.

-I have used quite a few of the doodle worksheets with my 5th grade Boot Camp group. The students love being able to personalize their work and they pay attention while coloring the sheet. Understanding levels increased as well as grade levels. Fantastic resource!

-This is easily one resource I copy year after year. The simple, straight forward way in which exponents are explained and practiced helps my fifth grade students get a concrete lesson on exponents to help further their knowledge of PEMDAS

-Thank you for these activities! We used them as a review/reteach on school-wide testing days when we are kept in our classrooms for long periods of time. Easy to prepare and a fun practice! Thx

-My students loved this activity. It was a very nice way to introduce or review exponents. The students could color the page and it was simple enough for them to understand. I have used this over and over! This resource is a KEEPER!

-This activity can be used for 6-8th graders as the standard for exponent continues to evolve through the years. My students really enjoyed this activity/coloring task notes.

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