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Teach Math with CREATIVITY
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Geometry Construction Art
Geometry Construction Art
Geometry Construction Art
Geometry Construction Art
Geometry Construction Art
Geometry Construction Art
Geometry Construction Art

Geometry Construction Art

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Get creative in Geometry class! These direction sheets guide students to use basic constructions to design their own piece of art that they can then customize.

The designs are made using a series of constructions with a compass and straightedge. The artistic project includes a series of three designs with increasing difficulty level.

With each of the 3 guided art projects that are included, students will get some practice with their different geometry constructions.

These are best if students have seen at least one or two basic constructions before, such as bisecting a line segment.

Students follow the instruction page for each construction and then choose which marks to keep and which to erase to make their design unique. The designs can be colored and displayed.

In addition to basic circles and arcs, the following constructions are included (with guidance):
* perpendicular bisector
* midpoint
* equilateral triangle
* copying a distance
* regular pentagon

The following materials are needed:
- blank paper
- pencil and eraser
- compass
- straightedge
- coloring utensils (optional)


Reviews from other teachers:

- I used this with my 8th grade Geometry class and they LOVED it! It was engaging and allowed them to use their creativity in coloring it. I received some awesome designs! I used it as a project that counted as a test grade. This is an EXCELLENT resource and I will DEFINITELY be using it again next year...thanks!

- My 9th grade geometry students were able to complete the activity while still being challenged. It was not too difficult or too easy. A "Goldilock" of an assignment.

My students enjoyed this resource! The three levels of designs were great in allowing students a choice based on their comfort level with constructions.

- This was a great activity. The students enjoyed challenging each other to do the more complex designs. Lots of great classroom conversations. The final results look great in the hallway. Thanks

- My 9th graders had a blast doing this while i was out one day. The sub said they were working the whole time, which is a rarity!

- I had my students learn about constructions and it's the best!!! Students have such a blast doing the designs and it allows more artistic students to be successful in a math class.

- My students loved using their compass skills in creating art to decorate the walls of our classroom. This also solidified the skills that they were using in their Geometry class while using multiple parts of their brain.

- The students appreciated a chance to show off their creative skills while demonstrating the constructions we already know. I loved the varied levels.

- I used this resource at the end of the year 1) for a fun math activity and 2) so that students could actually learn a little geometry.

- The activity is a little complex for my students to complete remotely. They don't all have the geometry tools handy. I love all of Brigid's creations, though, and will use it in class next year.

- My students LOVED doing this. We did it after learning constructions with our compass and straightedge. It was great to see some students creative side and to show them how much fun math can be! The different patterns was great to differentiate in my class as well!

- My students enjoyed the creativity of this project. It was a fun way to practice their construction skills but allowed them to create works of art that were unique to each student. I have them displayed in my classroom. This year's Algebra 2 students were impressed with them and disappointed they didn't get to do them next year. Thank you for a valuable resource!

- Could not have picked a better resource for my classroom. This is a must-have for a class that has math-lovers, artsy students, and those who enjoy hands-on activities. Thank you so much!

- The pupils love doing this just after we do lessons on constructions of 60 & 90 degree angles, polygons, circles etc. It helps them to consolidate the skills they have learned in a fun way - each one can make their own individual work of art which we included in their exercise books - some used it as a cover for their books.

- So cool! The students enjoyed the challenge of following the construction instructions to try and create the images. Thanks!

- This resource allowed my students to get to know how to use a compass, and once they were familiar, it allowed them to be creative. I used this in conjunction with my construction unit as an intro and as an assessment.

- Amazing! This was an awesome mechanism for differentiation. The directions were written in clear language and supported with helpful visuals. All my students found an appropriate level of challenge without getting frustrated. I will definitely be using this for years to come! Probably the best $2.50 I've ever spent.

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