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Pi Day Stations
Pi Day Stations
Pi Day Stations
Pi Day Stations
Pi Day Stations

Pi Day Stations

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Pi Day with minimal prep! -

This fun, engaging set of activities is a great way to celebrate Pi Day with your middle school students. The set includes 6 stations. This works well with groups of 4 - 6 students rotating through the learning centers spending about 15 minutes at each.

(This resource is also available with a bundled discount inside the Pi Day Activity Bundle here)


The zip file contains two PDF files:

-One version in full color (station cards + worksheets)

-One version in black and white (station cards + worksheets)


Station 1: Students use string to measure the circumference of various circular objects and record the circumferences and diameters. They divide to get values close to pi.


Station 2: Students use a "Pi Facts" sheet to create a poem, song, story, or graphic that somehow includes or represents three facts about pi.


Station 3: Students calculate areas and unit prices for pizzas to compare small, medium, and large pizzas and find the best deal.


Station 4: Students complete a Pi Wordsearch Puzzle.


Station 5: Students read Pi book(s). Suggestions for books are included. (This is also a great place to allow them to enjoy a Pi Day treat if you choose to have any.)


Station 6: Students are guided to work with a sphere to calculate the radius and explore volume.


The last two stations come with interchangeable station table cards so that you can choose to use one, the other, or both and have options of a total of 4, 5, or 6 stations and keep the numbers consecutive.


Materials needed for first 4 stations:

A variety of round objects (bottle caps, plates, CDs, etc.)



Rulers or meter sticks


Additional materials needed if you use all 6 stations (for larger class or smaller groups):

ball (any size/type)

books about pi day (see suggestions below)

optional pie or other treats




Reviews from other teachers:

- I used this resource to set up stations in my classroom to celebrate Pi Day. My students and I loved it!

- My best Pi Day ever! Well worth the money spent. Very easy to set up. My class ran so smoothly and the students enjoyed it. I only have one Circumference of Pi book, so I also used some children's books about Albert Einstein that I checked out from the library (since it's his birthday, too).

- Provided just enough challenge for my 7th graders. I will definitely use this product again. I felt I got a lot for my money. Thanks!

- Love the station set up. The kids really enjoyed all the activities. Pi day was so much better with these resources! Thank you.

- I used this resource to set up stations in my classroom to celebrate Pi Day. I had done some pre-teaching leading up to this day. My students loved it and it was very easy to prep.

- Excited to try this out this school year! Anything Math Giraffe is absolutely fabulous! My students ask me if I have new activities and doodle notes all the time from the “Giraffe “ lady! It’s always a great sign when the students are asking for extra math activities!

- My students really enjoy the hands on learning experience. Once a year we do Pi day activities and they loved idea of going from station to station. They had a great learning experience.

- Cannot wait to use this again and again on Pi day to work with all students and get them to feel more and more comfortable with what is quite a difficult concept.

- we used it on Pi day as stations the students had fun going around to the different areas and applying Pi in numerous way

- Love using this for Pi Day! Math Giraffe has the best resources! I love using the doodle notes to introduce and review key concepts. So useful for students to go back to recall vocabulary and key concepts. Thank you!

This was a great collection of activities that were very useable in the classroom.

- Math Giraffe resources have become a staple resource in my math class. These Pi Day Stations were the best I have ever used!

I have searched for a few years gathering ideas for Pi Day. This was THE BEST collection of activities! EXACTLY what I needed!! The kids loved them! Thanks so much!

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